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faculty data from 15 graduate-degree-granting institutions



faculty data from Undergraduate Art History degree-granting institutions

(2017 Only)

List of CRC’s in Art History/Visual Culture/‌History of Architecture, 2001 - Present


Detlef Mertins

University of Toronto
2003-2010, 2010-2017

Ruth B. Phillips

Carleton University
2002-2008, 2008-2015

Luc Noppen

Université du Québec à Montréal
2005-2012, 2012-2019

Christina Cameron

Université de Montréal

Alexander Nagel

University of Toronto

Gerald R. McMaster

OCAD University
2002-2007, 2007-2012

Todd Porterfield

Université de Montréal

Dylan Robinson

Queen’s University

Rita Eder

University of British Columbia

Richard W. Hill

Emily Carr University of Art & Design
2003-2008, 2008-2012

Allan Antliff

University of Victoria

50% of all faculty are in the humanities

20% of all CRC chairs are in the humanities

.78-1.78% of
Humanities CRC’s are in Art History/Visual Culture (2004-2017)

List of Appointees to the Order of Canada who have made Significant Art Historical Contributions

This list of Order of Canada appointees comprises individuals who have made significant contributions to the discipline of art history, largely through their work in museums or universities. It was compiled using the Order of Canada’s online recipient database (with particular attention paid to the fields of Visual Arts, Architecture, Heritage, and Education) and with assistance from the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.


1992 Jean Sutherland Boggs, scholar, director National Gallery of Canada

2001 Shirley L. Thomson, scholar, director National Gallery of Canada


1967 Jean Palardy, folklore

1968 Kathleen Fenwick, Curator Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Canada

1975 J. Russell Harper, Curator Canadian Art, AGO

1977 Robert Hamilton Hubbard, Chief Curator, National Gallery of Canada

1988 Fernande Saint-Martin Director, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, UQAM MA program director

1993 Margaret Perkins Hess, expert on Canadian Aboriginal Art

1993 Shirley L. Thomson, National Gallery of Canada, Canada Council

1995 Jean-Claude Marsan, Canadian architectural heritage

2000 Pierre Théberge, Director of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Canada

2006 Gerald R. McMaster, curator, scholar of Contemporary Aboriginal Art and artist

2012 Roald Nasgaard, professor and curator of Canadian art


1976 Ferdinand Eckhardt, Director of Winnipeg Art Gallery

1979 George Swinton Artist, curator, professor of Indigenous art

1981 Stuart Allen Smith, professor, museum director, architectural preservationist

1981 William J. Withrow, Director AGO

1993 Margaret Perkins Hess, expert on Canadian Aboriginal Art

1982 Mario Bell MacRae, architectural historian

1992 Naomi Jackson Groves, art historian

1998 Mary Macaulay Allodi, art historian, curator of Canadian art

1998 Dennis Reid, curator, professor of Canadian art

1999 François-Marc Gagnon, art historian of Canadian and aboriginal art

1999 France Gagnon Pratte, architectural historian

2000 Charles C. Hill, art historian, curator of Canadian art

2002 Joyce Zemans, art historian, director of Canada Council

2004 Claudette Hould, art historian of French engravings

2006 Claude Gosselin, promoter of contemporary Canadian art

2007 David P. Silcox, scholar of Canadian art

2009 Ian MacEwan Thom, scholar, curator of Canadian art

2012 Harold Kalman, architectural historian, leader in heritage conservation

2014 James W. Borcoman, curator of Canadian photography

2014 John R. Porter, art historian, museologist, professor of Quebec art

2015 Laura Brandon, authority on Canadian war art

2015 Sandra Paikowsky, founding professor of Canadian art history

2015 Nathalie Bondil, curator, director, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

2016 Laurier Lacroix, art historian of Canadian and Quebec heritage

2017 Meredith Chilton, art historian and curator of historical ceramics