This chart shows current full-time faculty and the range of subjects taught at universities that only offer the BA or major/honours degree in art history (Simon Fraser University, is included, though it recently introduced an MA). More than one specialty was attached to faculty in this chart alone to give an expanded idea of students’ exposure to faculty specializations and to demonstrate the extent to which they (and sessional faculty) carry an often broad curriculum.

Undergraduate Map


In 2017 45 art historians teach in the 15 Canadian universities that offer an UG program of study in art history/visual culture. As you can see from our map, some of these departments are held down with only one faculty member (Mount Allison) while NSCAD has six faculty members in its Art History and Contemporary Culture group. Some of these art historians are embedded in larger departments with colleagues in film, media and cultural studies (i.e. Simon Fraser, Windsor).

There are clear winners and losers in terms of the subjects available to undergraduates at these institutions: contemporary, Canadian, feminist/gender studies, and Visual Culture are thriving; fields such as indigenous art (in Canada) Ancient, Medieval and Early modern are being taught in less than 2/3 of the universities, architecture even less (6), and the low levels or complete lack of courses in the arts of Africa (0), South Asian (3), East Asian (4), and Latin American art (0) show the low priority of a global art history in these programs.

Data was drawn from university websites and the subfields of the discipline as reflected in the most current course offerings (2016-18).